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Barcelona elopement

It’s just the two of you!


The most important day of your lives is all about you, your partner and no one else. This means that you’ll have more stress-free time to actually spend with the person you’re supposed to be celebrating. Elopements are way more intimate and personal!

for whom is this package?

This package is for those madly in love couples, who want to spend their wedding day ditching traditions and embracing the adventure. You deserve to fully enjoy the big day!

You can forget about formalities


No boring traditions, no family drama, you can forget everything about traditional dress code, you can personalize every single detail and make this day all about yourselves as it is supposed to be.

It’s friendly with your budget and sanity!


There’s no way around it — wedding planning is stressful and expensive. From choosing a venue and selecting vendors to dealing with pressure from family and friends, even the most relaxed couples can feel the anxiety rising. All you have to do planning your elopement is to find a dream location, an outfit and you are done!

You get to go on an exciting adventure


Do you have specifc questions? Reach Out to me!

Oh this one is fun! Your choice for location is endless! You can get married in the old town of the city you love or surrounded by majestic mountains scenery or beautiful beach during the sunset. The best part is that after your intimate ceremony you can stay and explore the country you chose for your special day.

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How’s the Process?



Get in touch with ME!

Write me an email and tell me more about you two and your plans for elopement. The more you tell me, the better!

I can't wait to hear from you!

Find a Location (I can suggest some cool ones)

If you already have a dream location in mind, this is great! In case you are still wondering, I can suggest you some wonderful places around Barcelona or Canary islands - all depends what you both enjoy!


Let’s meet for a coffe (or virtually As well)

This is important one! As you are considering me as your third wheel on your special day, I can't just show up without us getting to know each other better! Let's meet for a coffee or arrange a video call with a cup of wine!


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ADVENTURE just for two of you