I am Emilija, a photographer based in Barcelona. I was born in Lithuania, a small yet wonderful country surrounded by forests and golden fields. Hence it isn't surprising that my photo shoots happen in the nature. I believe it is the best environment to let go of all your worries, let down your walls and simply enjoy the moment.

About me

I love the feeling of freedom climbing mountains, visiting new countries, chasing sunsets and trying delicious food. My heart starts beating faster when I listen to Janis Joplin, witnessing a beautiful love story, going for the first time in a new place.

My goal is for you to remember the moments and emotions you felt during your special day, no matter if it’s your wedding, or a mountain elopement, or just an adventure in the nature. I want to get to know you and tell your unique story, because this experience is not just about photos, is about you. I’m beyond happy to call it my job.

Let’s meet – I want to hear your story.

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